BAKER'S DOZEN - pinhole portfolio in progress

A 13 month collaborative pinhole dialogue with artist/designer/photographer Amy Rockett-Todd, who I met on a beach at the end of my road in the summer of 2012.

I proposed a pinhole pen-pal project, which had little shape in my mind until we agreed to a new theme each month, that we would both work with our Zero 120mm pinhole cameras on the 6 x 6 setting and that we could amend the theme during the month if we found ourselves stuck. We both have film still to process (2/2015) for this project, but this first series of pairings should offer a glimpse of the project. 

For more on each of us and the project :


FISHERMEN OF PORT CLYDE - B&W photography project, currently showing, but always growing 

Part long-form documentary, part fine art, I began this series of black and white images in 2009 and continue today. Inspired by the ground fishermen who, in an effort to save their fishery, came together to develop the first Community Supported Fishery (CSF), I asked if I could witness their work as they sought solutions to the overwhelming issues they faced. I was struck by this small committed group of neighbors willing to set aside personal gain to save their livelihood for future generations. 

These families work ceaselessly to provide for the market, like many local food purveyors cropping up across this country. By developing smaller systems of harvesting, processing, marketing, and selling directly to the customer, they have navigated their way through some rough waters. I plan to continue this body of work into the future, when Port Clyde harbor sees a resurgence of the family fishing fleet and the public understands that not all fishing is overfishing.


MARY'S BABY : FRANKENSTEIN 2018 - Debut, March 2013

A collaboration with Esther Mollo, director of Theatre Diagonale of Lille, France. These are stills from her one woman play, Mary's Baby : Frankenstein 2018. Initial work was done with my pinhole camera leading the company's engineer to develop a kind of ghostly image of Mary Shelley's return to discuss Frankenstein, 200 years later with her audience. The play debuted at the Maison Folie Beaulieu March 9, 2013.



Part theater, part photography, part nod to the great seafaring stories, these images, from my Fair Isle series, are also part autobiography. They are a love story about a young woman who goes to sea and falls in love....with the sea, the ship, the sky, the history, the sailors, the weather, the lore. My background in theater intersected my interest in pinhole photography to create some small measure of my internal landscape after spending one year at sea.