copyright benjamin POUPEL 2013

copyright benjamin POUPEL 2013

Stage performer turned photographer, Antonia (Toni) has lived in Paris and New York, but now calls the small fishing village of Port Clyde, Maine home.

As a child, Toni spent summers with relatives on the shores of Mobile Bay, in Alabama. Early morning hours were devoted to shrimping or fishing with her uncle. In her late teens, she moved to Paris and auditioned for Marcel Marceau's school of mime, thus began her education in gesture and storytelling. In her mid-twenties, she spent one year working aboard the tall ship"HMS" Rose, sailing to Europe and back. This adventure set the course for her vision of sea-infused stories. Finally, her visual arts education included 16 mm film, documentary and black & white photographic craft, just before the digital revolution rolled in and changed the tide.

Antonia holds a B.A. from Vermont College; certificates from the SALT Center for Documentary Studies and the Maine Photographic Workshops. Her continuing education includes workshops in photography and encaustics, and John Coffer's Camp Tintype.

Influenced by her theater and dance performance training, Toni likens the formal frame of her twin-lens to a proscenium arch; she is equally interested by the mystery of a ten-minute performance exposure in front of her pinhole camera, or the "happening" of submerging her camera underwater.

Toni’s photographs have been exhibited in the Northeast and France, and are held in private and museum collections.